One-Visit Crowns

E4D Dental Crowns in One Visit

Everyone likes same-day service and in today’s world convenience is important. With E4D same-day crowns, you get the benefits of all-ceramic crowns combined with convenience in just one visit.

Marian Pilecki, DDS, makes your E4D same-day crowns using computer and laser imaging technology. By simply scanning your teeth using a laser, we can create a precise digital impression of your tooth then send it to a milling unit in the next room. The in-house milling unit fabricates a porcelain crown that matches your remaining natural teeth. Your dental crown is then placed in the same visit.

For More than Just Convenience

E4D same-day crowns not only save time, but they can also help to save teeth. In the past, dentists placed temporary crowns on the tooth for two to three weeks while you waited for your new crown. Then you would come in for a second appointment a few weeks later to have your temporary crown replaced with a permanent crown. E4D same-day crowns eliminate the need for temporary crowns all together, making your next dental crowns more comfortable but convenient as well.

Early detection of cavities and gum disease is essential, so problem areas can be treated before they cause extensive tooth damage. To detect dental problems at their earliest stages, we use the DIAGNOdent laser, a laser that can detect the smallest of cavities before they can be seen by visual inspection. In addition, we have an intra-oral camera to help identify potential problems immediately.

In today’s world, more and more people understand the importance of healthy, attractive teeth. In addition to educating our patients on maintaining a home oral health care routine, our preventative care services can help patients improve their oral health.

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